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The Gold Medal of the American Irish Historical Society

Each year at it’s Annual Dinner, the American Irish Historical Society presents it’s Gold Medal to a chosen individual of Irish or Irish-American descent. The medalist is chosen for their exempliary life which highlights the continuing mission and purpose of the society. Previous medalists come from vastly different sectors of the economy- from arts & academia to public service, from business to labor- as well as from the church. Each AIHS Gold Medal has shown outstanding achievement not only through strong work ethic, but also with his or her good nature and ongoing contribution to the history of the Irish people in the United States.

AIHS Gold Medalists

The Reverend Joseph M. McShane, S.J.
The Reverend Joseph M. McShane, S.J.2016
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Kevin M. McGovern
Kevin M. McGovern2016
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Sen. George J. Mitchell
Sen. George J. Mitchell2015
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Wilbur L. Ross
Wilbur L. Ross2014
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Dr. Kevin Cahill
Dr. Kevin Cahill2013
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Robert McCann
Robert McCann2012
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Michael J. Dowling
Michael J. Dowling2011
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Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly2010
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Rev. John J. Jenkins
Rev. John J. Jenkins2009
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Declan Kelly
Declan Kelly2008
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Rev. J. Donald Monan
Rev. J. Donald Monan2007
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Denis P. Kelleher
Denis P. Kelleher2006
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